A stress-free holiday!

Make the most of
your trip

Theme travel

The secrets of seasoned travellers

Travelling solo with confidence

With the right organisation, solo travel can be a rewarding adventure. Exploring the world by yourself can be an amazing experience.

Family travel, all in safety

Family travel, all in safety

Some destinations are ideal for family travel. These memorable expeditions appeal to young and old globetrotters alike.

Group trips and tours

Choose your destinations for your next group trip. Travelling with friends is usually the most enjoyable option.

Book a hire car to travel abroad

Travel abroad with complete freedom by renting a car. With this solution, you can make the most of your tailor-made holiday. With online car hire service, you can make authentic discoveries. Driving during your holidays is a great way to enjoy your time abroad.

If you want to enjoy an exciting travel experience, hire the right car for you. Choose the ideal vehicle for your destination. Make sure the car you drive is suitable for the road conditions and regulations of the countries you are visiting.

Must-see sites

Travellers' favourite destinations

Paris, world capital
of tourism
Stroll the iconic streets
of Paris
Beijing, China's spectacular
Between age-old tradition and flamboyant modernity
Orlando, Florida and its eclectic neighbourhoods
A mosaic of vibrant neighbourhoods in the centre of Florida
Tokyo, the sprawling city that never sleeps
A metropolis that never stops
Mexico City: history, art and gastronomy
From pre-Columbian architecture to contemporary wonders
London, a world-class
Multicultural effervescence, an exceptional cosmopolitan city

Smart travel

Preparing before you go


Visas and passports

Travel safely with your valid visa and passport. Prepare them in just a few clicks.

Suitcases and luggage

Suitcases and luggage

Be prepared, pack your suitcases and luggage according to a checklist. Travel light, bring the essentials.


Flight booking

Compare flight prices and book early to take advantage of the best fares.

Travel insurance

Taking out travel insurance is a wise decision, whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure.

Holiday rentals

Rent holiday accommodation close to tourist attractions or heavenly beaches.

Travel guide

The travel guide offers you tailor-made itineraries and reveals fascinating anecdotes.

Tips for parents

Travelling with children made easy

Family travel is an experience rich in lessons and precious moments. It’s a chance for children to learn about the world around them, discover new cultures and marvel at the diversity of our planet. Parents act as guides and teachers, passing on important values such as respect, tolerance and curiosity.

Travelling as a family is much more than just an adventure, it’s a life lesson that leaves a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of young people.

Exclusive tours

Unique experiences for
discerning travellers

Travelling off the beaten track takes you out of your comfort zone. The passionate adventurer or curious traveller will be able to explore the world differently. When you plan demanding trips, you’ll be able to enjoy unique experiences.